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Our company published quality policy below. This quality policy is being reviewed on continuous
basis in the direction of the developing of our quality system, customer desires and company strategies.

MISSIONTo create value for our employees, customers, suppliers and our country by applying contemporary management systems in the production of rolling mill rolls and wheels with high quality.

VISIONRealization of customer necessities
Respectful production to environment and human beings
Production in compliance with the Quality Assurance System
Provision of sustainable growth with profitable and long term growth
Provision of integration and optimization of global organization components for being a global producer

HISTORYThe base of the Ardöküm depends on a small cold ironsmith’s workshop that our founder, Esteemed Mr.Hilmi ÖZCAN had opened on May 15, 1960. Esteemed Mr.Hilmi ÖZCAN had started rolling mill business in 1967, thanks to his spirit of entrepreneurship with his talent of forming iron and the company had continued its activities for a period of 20 years as “ÖZCANLAR HADDECİLİK” Company.

The iron working love and fondness of our founder, Esteemed Mr.Hilmi Özcan that had grown at an increasing pace, has then earned a very different dimension with the ARDOKUM A.Ş. Company that has been founded in 1987.


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The molten metal temperature is being measured with dipping type of temperature thermocouples and casting is being started just at the temperatures that have been determined for each of our analyses and right at that moment.


Stress Relieving Heat Treatment Process or long term tempering process is being carried out for the relieving of the stresses that have occurred in the Nodular Cast Iron rolls due to high alloy and the casting process technique, for the transformation of the austenite phase that has not been transformed due to high nickel and the molybdenum content...


We are able to machine all kinds of details of the rolls and the wheels that the iron and steel sector is in need of in a precise and complete correctness with our machine tools that are present in our machine tool workshop.


The high quality of the products of ARDOKUM A.S. is being provided through the Quality Control methods that are applied with extreme care at each stage of its production before production, during production and after production. Compliance to the customer necessities are taken under guarantee through reformist and sensitive high Quality Control methods. A FARO GAGE PLUS brand 3 Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Instrument is being used due to this reason in addition to conventional Measuring Instruments in roll measurement controls. Measurements are being carried out with this Instrument with 5 Micron precision in compliance with the ISO 10360-2.

ISO 9001 : 2015



STAR OF EXPORT 2017Stars of Export 2017 Award Ceremony arranged by Denizli Exporters Union (DENİB)...

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TWO NEW INDUCTION FURNACES FOR OUR NEW FOUNDRY PLANTThe new furnaces will be designed to produce heavy rolls for large section & rail mill plants and will enable us to expand our casting capacity and strengthen our market leader position in Turkey and Middle East.

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WE WERE AT ANKIROS FAIR 2016We would like to thank our esteemed guests, who have visited us during the ANKIROS 2016 – 13th INTERNATIONAL IRON-STEEL AND FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY, MACHINERY AND PRODUCTS TRADE FAIR, which has been organised at Tuyap Fair, Convention and Congress Center, ISTA

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Hilmi Özcan Anatolian High School
Our Board of Directors that planned to provide contribution to education has undertaken the construction of Hilmi Özcan Anatolian High School with 24 classrooms within the frame of a protocol that has been signed with the Denizli National Education Management and the Hilmi Özcan Anatolian High School has been delivered to the Ministry of National Education in 2010. Hilmi Özcan Anatolian High School that has started providing services in the 2010 – 2011 education and training year will have its first graduates in the 2013 – 2014 education and training year. Our company that considers that the education of our children is very important from the point of view of development of our country continues its supports to our school from the points of view of material and moral aspects.

Total Turnover : 23 Million TL
Total Exportation Turnover : 10 Million USD
Internal Market Position : Leader in the production and sales of Rolling mill rolls and wheels.
Global Area of Activity : Sales and marketing organization that carries out activities in 15 countries; direct sales and service to more than 50 countries.
Total No. of Employees : 150
General Management and Factory : Denizli, Turkey
ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System